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Prof Jan Hoogevorst comments on TOGAF

by Alta van der Merwe last modified 20 Apr, 2011 10:18 PM
Prof Jan Hoogervorst, the well-known author of the book, Enterprise Governance and Enterprise Engineering, presented his views on TOGAF as published in an article "An Enterprise Engineering Based Examination of TOGAF"
Prof Jan Hoogevorst comments on TOGAF

Prof Jan Hoogevorst on TOGAF

At the EARF meeting today hosted at Business Connexion in Pretoria, Prof Hoogevorst presented some of his ideas captured in an article co-authored by Prof Jan Dietz on TOGAF.

Some of the issues discussed included:

 }Inconsistent and unclear definitions of concepts (often including so much that definitions virtually become meaningless)

}No clear distinction between architecturing and designing

}No formal system perspective, hence, no formal distinction between system function and construction

}No formal theory and associated methodology for enterprise design.


Paul van der Merwe shared some of the issues that was discussed by the AOGEA, including:

  • The mechanistic and organismic nature of organisations
  • Some recomendations on TOGAF
  • TOGAF as being more descriptive in nature than normative.


Peter Waugh commented on the topic from a practitioner viewpoint with some discussion on the behaviour nature of the organsation.

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