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Invited talk: Magriet Bonnet

by Alta van der Merwe last modified 14 Mar, 2013 12:58 PM
Potential value of Psychometric assessments for assessments of Enterprise Architects.

Magriet Bonnet was invited to give us a presentation on the Potential value of Psychometric assessments for assessments of Enterprise Architects. 

"Building an increasingly strong talent base with the right attitude and enthusiasm is one of our most effective competitive weapons. We need to attract, develop and retain top talent, which in turn will develop Electrolux. It is absolutely vital that we succeed in this" (D. Pollitt, 2004)



During this session Magriet  discussed the value of using Psychometric Assessments within the Enterprise Architecture domain. What would the profile of an Enterprise Architect probably look like; How would we apply Psychometric Assessments in selecting the correct individuals for a position and predisposing them for success; How would we use Psychometric Assessments results in the design of tailor-made career development solutions; Some ethical concerns as well as a discussion about some of the instruments out there that you might have encountered and a comparison between some of these.


Magriet Bonnet is a Industrial Psychologist, working within the Enterprise Architecture domain as triVector consultant to Sasol.

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