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Dr Jorg Lark and Duarte Goncalves on Systems Thinking

by Alta van der Merwe last modified 22 Jun, 2011 10:10 PM
Duarte Goncalves (DPPS) and Dr Jorg Lalk (Univ of Pretoria) gave presentatios on Systems Thinking on Wednesday 22 June 2011 at the Knowledge Commons.
Duarte Goncalves on Systems thinking in practice
The challenge of systems thinking is described in a Defence context where capability elements range from the enterprise to a range of technologies down to material level. One of the challenges amongst others that will be considered are that some capability systems can take in excess of ten years from concept to operational capability! Systems thinking in this context will be considered by answering the question: What are the things we need to concern ourselves with (and then how)?
Duarte Gonçalves holds a B. Eng in Electronics and a M. Eng in Computer Engineering and is currently employed by the CSIR in the business unit Defence, Peace, Safety and Security (DPSS). He has been involved in engineering surveillance systems for the South African DoD where he has extensive experience in electro-optical systems, ranging from modelling the environment and electro-optical observation systems, to signal and image processing. He holds a full patent in the area of imaging spectrometers. He has consulted to the Karoo Array Telescope project, the South African technology demonstrator for the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) and renewable energy projects as a systems engineer. Duarte is currently involved in systems engineering for Boarder Safeguarding systems as part of the Integrative Systems Group in DPSS. In addition, he has been involved in developing systems engineering skills at the CSIR through screening candidate systems engineers, coaching on projects across the CSIR and developing a practice based-approach for skills development.
Dr Jorg Lalk on Systems thinking and Enterprise Architecture
The history of systems engineering and in particular systems thinking in South Africa has been rather colourful with large projects applying the concepts of systems thinking with mixed success. The presentation will address this from a historical and pragmatic perspective linking systems thinking and its importance to enterprise architectures with specific emphasis on the DODAF. This framework is essentially a further development of the well-known and popular Zachman Architecture Framework but with the advantage that it almost falls naturally within a systems view of reality.
Short BIO:
Dr Lalk is a Professional Engineer who holds four engineering degrees in electric engineering including a PhD from Cranfield University in the United Kingdom. He has recently completed the UNISA/WIPO Specialization Programme in Intellectual Property Law cum laude . He has 32 years experience in the defence, commercial, energy and consulting industries as well as academia. He is a Professional Engineer, a senior IEEE member, was a founding member of the South African Chapter of INCOSE and was the Chapter President for 2005. In early 200 he was the first to apply the DODAF architecture framework in South Africa. Dr Lalk is currently working for the University of Pretoria's Graduate School of Technology Management where he is instrumental in the establishment of a multi-million Rand energy research theme which will place the university at the forefront of energy research in South Africa.

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