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What MEKE Do

What do we do

MEKE focuses on research in enterprise knowledge management and engineering, with a special focus on domain modelling and the human factors issues (societal, indigenous knowledge, human-technology interaction, technology acceptance, user experience, knowledge sharing, organisational, management and governance issues, and advanced skills development).


Our core capabilities are:

  • Knowledge capturing, representation and dissemination in the context of enterprise engineering and domain modelling. 
  • Enterprise and systems modelling and meta modelling within the SME, health, and government domains and in marginalised communities.
  • Conceptual modelling with the aim to capture reference models. 
  •  Human factors research methods (ethnographic research, participative design, user-centred design and evaluation (including user experience (UX), accessibility and usability) , etc.
  • Software engineering methodologies (to use in the development of system models).


Our core technologies are:

  • Methods and tools for knowledge capturing, preservation and dissemination.
  • Enterprise architecture tools
  • Enterprise knowledge engineering tools
  • Enterprise reference models.

What we did in the past:

MEKE is a young research group and during its first 18 months of existence as HuFEE it focused primarily on the establishment of the group. The focus during 2009-2010 was on 'demystifying enterprise architecture (EA)’, focusing on the fundamental issues underlying EA. 

Although we will continue to focus on the fundamental issues underlying EA (there are many years of unexplored research possibilities), we will also started exploring domain relevant issues in 2010-2011. We currently focus primarily on the e-health domain.


Our plans for the future include:  

  • Building reference models: To enable knowledge capturing, preservation and dissemination relevant to a particular domain, it is necessary to build reference models representing the meta knowledge in that domain. Enterprise architecture reference models are the classified body of knowledge for designing, building, operating, and modelling of enterprises in a specific domain.  
  • To be the world leaders in enterprise knowledge engineering  and management with a focus on both the technical and human factors issues.


Our Outputs are:

  • Enterprise architecture reference models.
  • Customised and integrated system blueprints for enhanced knowledge representation in the health domain.
  • Prototypes to demonstrate the approach and the feasibility of architectures or interfaces. 
  • Methodologies for knowledge capturing, preservation and dissemination. 
  • HCD: masters and PhD students 
  • Publications: journal and conference papers, green papers, white papers.


Our current markets are:
  • Health.
  • SME.
  • Government departments.
  • Marginalised communities.
  • Universities and industry research initiatives.


Our current projects are highlighted on our Projects page.


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