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Jan Mentz

Jan Mentz is a senior lecturer in the School of Computing at the University of South Africa. He is co-supervisor for one of our current students: Francois Vermeulen.

He specialises in enterprise architecture. He is enrolled for a PhD in the School of Computing at the University of South Africa under the supervision of Prof Paula Kotze and Prof Alta van der Merwe.


Joint publications with Members of the HuFEE Group

Mentz, J., Kotzé, P., Van der Merwe, A. 2008. Searching for the Technology in University of Technology. South African Computer Journal, Vol 42, December 2008, p. 29 - 37.

Higher education in South Africa has been the scene for dramatic changes during the last fourteen years of the new democracy. The cleanly divided domains and roles of higher education institutions made way for a chaotic situation that was eventually resolved by the creation of three different kinds of universities. Universities of technology as previously vocational training institutions gained academic legitimacy with the title of university and the right to deliver postgraduate outputs. The problem that arises out of this new order is the claim that technology defines the uniqueness of a university of technology. The public image of the five universities of technology in South Africa is analysed in order to validate this claim.


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