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User Experience Tutorial - Dr Virpi Roto

User Experience Evaluation – Methods to reveal how user feels about your design

Presenter: Dr Virpi Roto

User experience (UX) often appears among the main goals of new product development. UX is not only about ease of use but also about the emotions and attitudes that the product elicits. Good UX may mean very different things for different products, so the target of UX work may be stimulating, relaxing, trusted, or playful experiences. In order to enable and verify the right UX during product development, we need to be able to evaluate UX. Traditional usability methods are not optimal for finding out how users feel about the product, thereby new experiential methods are needed.

In this tutorial, Virpi Roto will share her knowledge on user experience evaluation methods by both giving an overview of the different types of experiential evaluation methods and by examining a selected set of methods to gain practical understanding of the methods.

By the end of this workshop, participants will know:

  • the various kinds of UX evaluation methods available for different purposes (an overview)
  • how to choose the right method for the purpose
  • the basics of the most popular UX methods of different types

where to find more information on those methods.

Intended audience
Up to 30 researchers and practitioners who want to develop skills in user experience evaluation. The participants should have basic understanding of user-centred design process, and preferably experience on usability studies.


About the Presenter

 Dr Virpi Roto Principal Researcher at Nokia Research Center in Helsinki. Her background is in computer science and she has 15 years of experience in usability/HCI field, most of that time in Nokia Research Center. She has employed various usability and user experience evaluation methods in her work, and understands about the applicability of different methods in industrial setting. The topic of her PhD thesis was characteristics of user experience when browsing the Web on mobile phones, and she has widened the research scope to generic user experience (UX) elements and UX evaluation since.

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