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SAICSIT 2010 Submission Page

Acceptable Paper Formats

There are two sets of prescribed formats relevant to this Conference:


For all the tracks, the versions submitted for review must be uploaded in .PDF format. Any questions regarding the formatting and uploading of submissions should be directed to: 


Submission Site

The submission site can be found at:


Please Note:

The START submission system works differently from may other systems. As an Author you DO NOT register as a user.

Each paper is assigned a unique identity that must be used to upload and revise the paper.


To make a new Submission:

1.  Go to:

2.  You will reach a page with the follwoing information:

 Submission Site Entry Page



3.  From the panel on the left hand side, select the type of submission you wish to make.

4.  Fill in the related submission form that will appear after you hav emade this selection.

5.  After you have submitted the submission form, a passcode will be sent to the corresponding author you have indicated on the form (please make sure that the address you se for this author is correct and active). You will need this passcode if you wish to upload additional information of modify your submission.


To revise an existing submission

1.  Go to:

2.  You will reach a page with the following information:

 Submission Site Entry Page

3.  Enter the submission code that you were sent when you submitted your paper the fisrt time round in teh space provided after the phrase:

To access options regarding a previous submission, enter its passcode here.


4. Enter the relevant changes on the submission form that will appear after you have entered this passcode.

5.  You will NOT be sent a confirmation e-mail after modifying your submission. You can check the status your current submission by clicking on teh link at the bottom of the submission page after you have entered the relevant passcode.



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