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Call for Participation Enterprise Architecture Knowledge Development Workshop

The field of enterprise architecture was introduced in 1987, with the seminal publication in the IBM Systems Journal of an article titled A Framework for Information Systems Architecture, by JA Zachman (1987). In this paper, Zachman talks about his vision of enterprise architecture (EA) that would guide the field for the next 20 years (Sessions, 2007). In 1997 John Zachman coined enterprise architecture as the issue of the century, mainly because it is concerned with bridging the gap between strategy and implementation, and ensuring business activities are aligned (Zachman, 1997), and in the process enables businesses to react quickly to change, which is a prerequisite for survival in the current economic climate.


As research field enterprise architecture is currently gaining momentum. It is now also included in the new Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and Association for Information Systems (AIS)’s Curriculum for Information Systems as one of the 6 core courses. 


In order to do preparatory work on the establishment of EA as a research field in South Africa, a full-day Enterprise Architecture Workshop will be hosted on the 11th of October 2010 during the SAICSIT 2010 Conference.


The focus of the workshop will be:

  • To create an awareness of the need of EA to be included in the curriculum at higher education institutions (HEIs).

  • To discuss how the multi-disciplinary nature of EA should be considered in programmes offered at HEIs.

  • The identification of research projects or research areas that should be pursued in order for EA to reach maturity.

  • The identification of role players that want to be more involved in research initiatives such as the EARF (Enterprise Architecture Research Forum).


The output of the Workshop will be in the form of a report to the NRF with possible content suggestions for the inclusion of EA in research and teaching programmes. This report will be distributed to all the Workshop participants and head of departments of interested HEIs.



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Zachman, J. 1987. A framework for information systems architecture, IBM Systems Journal, 26.

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